Team play

Need the ability to play multiple characters at once. Play the one at a time and the others are then npc controlled until you assume control of them. Some more in depth combat commands might be needed though.

Maybe, once the NPC’s start working. It would be really awesome, though.

[size=8pt]But what would be the point? Other than maybe having a backup character to switch to easily if the current one dies.[/size]

Ever played Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel? Could prove intresting but it’d require making the game turn-based I think…

[size=8pt]Oh I understand the mechanics and such behind it. I am just trying to see why or how it would fit in with the whole ‘control a lone survivor’ type of thing in DDA.[/size]

Something like this might become possible once we’ve got better NPCs.

There’s a million and one uses for having multiple people working together, not the least of which is having somebody you can tell acquire and/or craft necessities while I go out and get into adventures scavenge for supplies.

[size=8pt]Ask/tell, yes. But take control of? Maybe not so much. But this is probably just a personal preference for me as I like to role play and get immersed. Being able to swap characters in the same world is not something I would make use of.

Edit - Of course this only applies to certain types of games. After all, I am a fan of such games as XCOM that requires you to use turn based squad combat where you need to handle each member to win.[/size]

well the point of them becoming npc when not controlled would be so you could tell them to do tasks, but only simple ones.

[size=8pt]I am not knocking this idea, I just don’t see a useful purpose for being able to control/swap between characters in the same game. I mean it could be useful but if we having working NPC’s it would be much more interesting to give them personalities and try to talk/command/etc them into doing things rather than being able to directly control them.[/size]

This idea would quite literately turn DDA in to a turn-based tactics game lol.

Taking control of a party, while interesting, don’t really fit with what Cataclysm is right now IMO. With working NPC maybe we can command them some simple tasks such as “Follow me”, “Stay here”, “Attack this __” and suchs.

Well i’d like to do it. Like… imagine… entering and clearing a lab using two guys, both with flashlights, one with a pistol, low on bullets, and in the front, the other friend, using the best armor and the sword. Protecting their asses. Looking after the other one. While one opens the door and the other covers the other entrances if a zombie steps in… ohhh… so romantic. Awesome. I WANT DIS.

It also could make 2-player game possible. Or more…

Only if your idea of two player is handing off the control and watching… All other assumable roles would be controlled by ai when you are possessing another chatracter. So party play - yes. Multiplayer - Not so much.

I think it would be better if the “other” character wasn’t your own, but instead an NPC that you found and convinced to follow you and got to trust.

If it was just your own character then all people would do is make really OP dopplegangers.

Well then you have the option still of keeping them a npc companion. If people want to make dopplegangers of OP-ness then they should have that ability. Or you can just role play it as a bunch of rag tag losers barely surviving only because of antlike numbers.