Multiple character play

I was thinking it might be cool to have a squad of your own characters, where you control one at a time like normal and the others have simple ally npc ai. The trick would be that you could switch which one you control, up to playing each characters turns in combat one by one. It would be like multiplayer but with yourself. :stuck_out_tongue: So you could play different specialized characters in the same game, complimenting each other, without relying on complex ai.

Idk maybe this should be in the bad suggestions thread, hehe I didn’t think it much further and can kinda see it being silly. I’m not familiar with the deeper code, so I would want to ask if this would ever be a possible mode?

I have taught of this myself and once jokingly suggested in another thread. I could be possible, but I lack the know how for it unfortunaly. I don’t think this will be implemented soon since it is not a priority.

Might be cool.

“So the Terminator, Robocop, the Predator and the Guyver walk into a bandit bar.”

It would be fun.

IMO it would be a huge pain in the ass to micromanage a party with the control scheme we have, and it would almost always be sub-optimal (i.e. get you killed) not to micromanage, so in the end it would most likely be a big pile of not fun.

Also we’d have to do some weird stuff around swapping between the player and the NPCs, because the game has a VERY deep assumption that there will only ever be one player character.

The idea most effective in my opinion would be to have characters on the same map meet like when there is a dead body of a previous character. That way when they meet, the other character will just be a regular npc.

not bad idea at all but how to make character die if he die as npc but not player? and if someone manage to solve this problem there is another
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