NPC brainstorming

So I just found out about the new update where you can switch bodies with NPCs and that got me thinking about a few possible inclusions for the game.

1: All NPCs get a small reality bubble (toggleable option ofc, for those of us who have pcs that can handle the ridiculousness of this idea)

2: Being able to put a wearable camera item on NPCs that allowed you to use a laptop and see what they see (CBM also?).

  1. Better commands, If an NPC trusts you with their life, (literally) you should be able to give more complex commands to them. such as; move to this specific square. Loot this specific container and grab what I tell you to grab. Attack this enemy. Walk in this formation when possible. Drive this vehicle from here to here. Use this vehicle weapon. Also be able to give these commands through a radio.

These three specific, and complex, addition to the game would allow for the player to control larger groups of NPCs with more finesse as well as give a kind of TBS feeling to the later game where you may have 20 or 30 or more NPCs sitting around your base.