I think mabye someone can make a multi characters on the game

Sense last time talking about that PC interaction OPC option, I think mabye we can make a PC team, just like wasteland, which player can make 4 PC on his team,

I think this will make a game half RTS, means you can control the PC that under you contorl, and command other PC in the same time,

mabye there is any chance that the NPC will become a playable character? because the AI stystem so shitty, and this will make player handle situation under they control.

I wish we had a system for that, really. To be able to control multiple guys at once, one each turn, kinda like Xcom but with the cdda mechanics.

It would also be a really good framework for multiplayer, and it would add local multiplayer.

I really want that.

I would be more interested in a party management menu that allowed you to tell allies to heal, equip weapons and gear, some basic attack and movement commands, and trade stuff freely.

Its also probably easier to make.

Yeah, this is like so far beyond what C:DDA is coded for that you’re basically talking about making another game. :stuck_out_tongue: Something like that would basically require rewriting the majority of the game entirely. :stuck_out_tongue:

Multi characters may be too difficult but a better NPC or ally system with more tactics/command available should be viable.

Stupid NPCs - you let them into your car and they try to crash it from inside.