[spoilers]Oh god the Mycus is real cool

Especially this guide:[https://cddawiki.chezzo.com/cdda_wiki/index.php?title=Guide:_Mycus]

It’s such a well-written piece. I actually spend 2 hours figuring out the right thing to do. It’s really kinda like a quest.

And the ability to transform everything to fungal slaves at will is just amazing.


All hail the MYCUS our LORD and SAVIOUR

Right, then. Volunteers: ANBC Suits on, budget flame throwers ready. Somebody un-obsolete the flaming machetes, katana, and zweihanders. If we’re not back in 8 hours assume we were compromised and glass this entire forum, maybe the serve(s) too, just to be safe. Don’t waste time with the other languages, either. If they’ve compromised English, they’ve compromised Latin. The non-Romance languages might be safe, but keep an eye on them.

Tell my wife: “Who are you? I’m not married.”


I’ll get the fungicide gas grenades ready. Not even the blooms or towers survive those.

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All what u need vs mycus-nuke. I find over 40 nukes in laboratory (really), so now mycus in danger

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Huh, suddenly I want to try a Mycus route next playthrough.