*SPOILERS* Marloss Berries make you puke with marloss carrier

Windows 10

Every time i eat a marloss berry (with marloss carrier trait) it gives me the “nauseous” effect. I think this is as it attempts to fully feed me it goes over and instead makes me overfull.

Here is a list of my traits (because something like gourmand might change it)

Edit: tested with gourmand on a debug character with nothing but gourmand and marloss carrier, doesn’t puke but does say “you don’t finish it all” from 100 hunger and on the same character without gourmand from 100 hunger you throw up

I got a lot of those too, but I found if i was very very hungry I’d eat the whole thing, and not barf. Laterally, the buff to morale from marloss easily overcame my barfed malus.
Makes me feel like a junkie, but sometimes it takes strong measures to survive in the cataclysm.