*SPOILER* How do Marloss Berries work?

I mean, I know what they do, but I don’t understand how they make you a host…how they get his juice into the blood system and things like that Sorry for Google translate.

It probably hides in your brain until you eat seeds and gel, and then they combine to alter your brain to mycus standards. Lorewise, idk.

Ok, this is understandable (Although I haven’t yet understood how they get to the brain, it’s not through the intestines), but how does a mushroom bed appear around the berries eaten by marloss, most likely the spores of the skin settle on the ground, and it is not clear why this berry causes a random effect … does the berry try to adapt to the organism? Sorry for translate

The berries cause euphoria when eaten, so it’s clearly possible for them to alter brain chemistry through seeping into the body after ingestion, like a pill. I think it alters that chemistry to form an attraction to the Mycus, and a drive to further progress down that path, with your reward being drug-like euphoria.

Marloss berries are a very strong substance, and so eating them affects you in strong ways. I personally imagine that the spores are created because, once you’ve eaten one marloss berry, you no longer technically need any more, and so it simply disperses into spores, given that it was fungal matter beforehand anyway. I generally think that it houses dormant spores like an apple houses seeds.

Ah, but then why when host eating berries being full, our character vomits?

I think the satiation effect caused while being a marloss carrier is because the substance itself still nourishes you, as that serves as another biological incentive to continue seeking out more marloss. While not a carrier, I think it’s just a possible reaction your body has to it, just like how it can react violently by making you throw it all up.

The mutations are caused by the blob infection in you (spoiler, you have blob infection!) going hog-wild as a result of the Mycus being there, because the two are enemies, and the purifier effect is for the same reason; they’re enemies, but in this particular berry’s case, the Mycus got the upper hand and purifies some of that infection.