Game Running Slow

I run Cata on my laptop, which is the only computer I have, and I’ve found that with the last few versions, the game runs particularly slow in comparison to previous versions.

The problem is that it’s taking away some of my enjoyment in playing the game because it takes a long time to travel between places on the map, even with a vehicle.
While driving a vehicle, I have tried holding [5] as well as tapping it, and it seems that they are both equally slow.
It also is slow to move in a direction without a vehicle, but it’s not as noticeable as when I am driving.

Does anyone have any tips to help the game run better, or for my computer to play it smoother?
I don’t foresee getting a new computer anytime soon, so if there’s anything I can do, I will try it.

Are you using a debug build? The debug builds tend to run a bit slower due to all the extra stuff that they’re processing.

Two things to try if you’re using the graphical build:
Go to options -> Graphics and toggle the acceleration option and see if that helps.
I hate to say this, but reduce the screen size, if the game doesn’t have to draw as much it will be faster.

You can also try disabling animations, particularly rain animations.

Other than that, I’ll be taking another look at optimizing things before the next release, sorry it’s gotten out of hand.

Nope, right now I’m running the latest stable, 0.C.

Disabling animations helped a little bit, but I’m not sure what you mean by ‘the acceleration option’

My Graphics screen:

No bright backgrounds true

Animations false
Rain animation false
SCT animation false
Animation delay 10

Terminal width 237
Terminal height 65

I think he means “Software Rendering”. It makes the game run on software rather than your graphics card for stuff. Try that.