Spawned into indoor minefield?!

So I got the newest build today, and I started up a new character using the ‘separate point’ pools. I decided to start in the ‘Missed’ scenerio. Everything else was the same as what I usually do, with some changes based on the fact that I had to spend a certain number of points in certain areas – Most notably, I dropped my Perception to the minimum possible value.

Immediately upon spawning in, I stepped to the left – and suddenly everything exploded. Thinking that it was a one-time thing, I stepped back into my original spawn point, and everything exploded again, killing my character.

Another notable thing… I noticed that all the windows were boarded up when I spawned in, so this might have been a survivor house – something I wasn’t aware you could spawn into, nor was I aware that they laid landmines around their floor – and I could have simply been very unlucky.

Thats a special type of house. spawns normally in place of other houses. lots of traps inside and lots of supplies. You can usually last for a couple days just on what you find in there. Typically some guns too, in addition to the shotgun traps hidden in the house.

So… Trap House?

once upon a time the term ‘trap house’ meant something else . . .

yea. survivor houses can trapped very thororghly. and randomly. they make a great source of mines, SB shotguns, perhaps even beartraps.

but- they are relative poor start locations. but they are houses, so.

RNG. take it in stride knowing that instead of spawning in the house that has disinfectanct, a loaded shotgun, and a putchfork you got a looted house whose furniture was turned into windows

I miss the old trapped survivor caches. Many a survivor got a good start stealing a crossbow from one.