Spawn types: More then L4D and classic

How about expanding the options to choose what type of zombies the players get to be eaten by?

It would be best if the players could choose exactly what types of monsters spawn, instead of just classic zombies and the vanilla ones.

I for one would prefer to have mostly classic zombies, but they are a bit boring and would love to have an occasional brute and hulk run me down to spice things up, but I really don’t like smokers, boomers and the sparky ones. Dogs too. I want a world where only humans turn into zombies. :s
What do you guys think?

I think this is planned. Move along

Me too, I’d love to see more options for spawns, like only-triffids a la defense mode. Customizeable apocalypses are the best apocalypses.

I just read here that it is actually already the case in a way.
It’s just not done throught the menus in game, but you can edit the spawn rates of various monsters.