Spawn Issues with new Questline Farm

So I found this prefab of a huge farm with a lot of bugs only related to it’s spawning. I would share the save but it’s kind of corrupted (still wouldn’t mind sharing the file if needed). It’s the farm with premade NPC and questline so I think you guys would already know what it is.
Here are some of the issue I had with it
-The farm have spawning issue which would overlaps lakes, roads, trails, swamps which leaves an awkward square edges which most visible when it overlap
-The farm uses it’s own set spawn for forest and roads instead of the one the game already had which enmeshes badly with graphical packs
-The farm always spawn surrounded by forest tile in a perfect square which looks even more out of place on the overmap

That is all I guess. I didn’t get to try to quest (cause of the unrelated corruption that happen shortly after) so I have nothing to say about the questline and I hope I didn’t misinterpret the context of the place.