Vehicle spawning question - map creation

I"m in the middle of converting an old house I created 4 months ago for submission and I’m running into a problem I didn’t have previously. I can get vehicles to spawn via “place_vehicles” on concrete or pavement no problem, but they don’t seem to want to spawn on grass. I’ve looked at the map creation guides and don’t see anything in there that addresses where vehicles can be placed. Any thoughts?

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You might want to look at the jsons for the dairy farm. It can spawn a cube van, an ATV, and/or a bike, all on non-pavement terrain.

Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll check that later to suss out how different the code is.

Again, the weird thing is this worked perfectly 4 months ago, so I’m just wondering what I missed on how things have changed for vehicle spawns

There was a similar bug with vehicles failing to spawn on the dirt/grass patches in junk yards, which I just submitted a PR to fix today. Several of the pseudo-terrain tiles had a flag preventing them from allowing vehicles to spawn. I’ve no idea if this could be affecting your vehicle placement as well, but you could give it a try if/when my PR is merged (or take a look at the flags I changed and make them in your own JSON data).

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That sounds like the likely answer. Thanks, I’ll take a look at the pr

UPDATE: I copied your pseudo terrain file and that fixed the problem. Thanks again!