5b9660e- Refugee center farm quest

Everytime I try to start the third quest from the merchant (The one where you are supposed to go to a farm or something) I get an error and crash to desktop. If I had to guess it’s because the map didn’t genereta a farm anywhere near the refugee center and doesn’t know where to place the marker.

Try debugging map reveal and looking for an outpost.If it doesn’t show, then you may be right. How big are your cities set to?

Cities are set to the default size, I think it’s 4. I just did what you said and couldn’t find an “outpost”, I also tried “ranch” and the only one I could find was on the opposite corner of the map.

Hmm. I’m trying to recall how old that version of Cataclysm is. I’m assuming it’s recent, but… @_@

What all mods are you using?

I just updated to the latest experimental of today and the issue still persists. I am using the following mods: Arcana, Boats, Fictional Guns, Weapon pack, Classic roguelike classes, Medieval and Historic content, More survival tools, tall buildings, Vehicle additions pack, Tanks and other vehicles.

Hmm, odd. It at least shouldn’t be the tank mod causing this, as the mapgen doesn’t overwrite it with a version that’d break quests anymore.

Are you sure it’s the ranch quest? What is the exact quest text? What quest came before?

The quest before it was the one with the 3 raiders camping out in a field. The quest says something about a farming outpost and that I should speak with the foreman about helping them out.

EDIT: An update on the bug, after my last character died I decided to create a newer world on a newer experimental with the same mods. I am having the exact same bug in this world too so I have no idea what could be causing it.