No sound at all

hello, new guy here. i´ve been trying to install chesthole´s soundpack in the latest version but with no luck. im using the launcher to install the soundpack but i cant seem to find the option to select it in the cdda menu. also there is no soud on the menu, not even a beep… does anyone know where did i screw it up? im using the latest stable version, 0.C

0.C is very old , so that might be the issue I’ve never actually tried that version. The experimentals are the way to go, or you will not have many features that people mention.
The place to set it should be under setting/options at the bottom of the list.

Yeah, find yourself the Cdda launcher and get the latest build. If it still doesn’t work then you’re installing it wrong but I feel as if there is an automatic installer in the launcher, I can’t remember off of the top of my head.

thanks! i have sound now! :slight_smile: