NPCs in camps not sorting things?

I’ve set up some storage/zones. Got a Basecamp:Storage, with for example seeds in it. And a Loot: seeds, with nothing in it.
When I ask an NPC to do “menial tasks”, nothing gets sorted, but they mention all jobs completed. Am I missing something?

“Basecamp:storage” is for things NPCs could use when you assign them to a job. Tools, parts, seeds, whatever.
“Loot:X” is for loot sorting. Things go from “loot:unsorted” to “loot:X” depending on which zones you’ve definde in zone manager.
Those 2 zones can intersect, so, for example, you could raid gardening supply store, drive back, tell NPC to sort out your loot (which would put it in loot zone), then tell that NPC to farm and those seeds would be used in farming if “loot:seeds” zone was inside “basecamp:storage” zone.

Also, watch this

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Oh. I was under the impression previously they could sort for you. So if I have seeds in the farm hut, and the “loot seeds” zone in there, and drop seeds in a different zone, they would “sort” it. How do I get them to sort?
Ah… word blindness. “Loot: Unsorted”. I’ve only spent 3 days looking for that option in the list.

Working as intended. I really just needed a new/separate set of eyes to find that option in the list.

BTW, if you have a follower you can make him/her do the sorting for you. That is, if you’re on experimental, idk if it was in 0.D already or added later.