Zones Manager, Autosort items out of a disabled loot zone

Let’s say you have two loot zones of the same type, where one is enabled and the other is disabled. The disabled loot zone has items that match its item type.
If you add an unsort zone over the disabled loot zone and run the unsort command, nothing happens.
I would expect that running the unsort command would transfer the items from the disabled loot zone to the enabled loot zone.

  • OS: Linux
    • OS Version: LSB Version: n/a; Distributor ID: ManjaroLinux; Description: Manjaro Linux; Release: 21.1.2; Codename: Pahvo;
  • Game Version: 0.F-2455-g135d626eb0-dirty [64-bit]
  • Graphics Version: Tiles
  • Game Language: System language []
  • Mods loaded: [
    Dark Days Ahead [dda],
    Blaze Industries [blazeindustries],
    No Hope [no_hope],
    No Fungal Monsters [No_Fungi],
    Fuji’s Military Profession Pack [fuji_mpp],
    No Fungal Growth [no_fungal_growth],
    SpeedyDex [speedydex],
    Stats Through Kills [stats_through_kills],
    Stats Through Skills [StatsThroughSkills]