How to set up a loot zone that will collect everything?

My base in underground, and autosorting only works on same z-level so I thought: I want to set up loot zone on stairs, autosort everything (from my vehicle’s loot:unsorted zones) there, haul that pile of stuff down, then autosort everything to categories from there. Problem is, I cannot set up such a zone.
Loot:other only moves items w/o categories, not all items with categories not in set up categorized lootzones.
Loot:custom with ‘*’ filter just doesn’t work - my char ‘finishes’ the work immediately without actually moving anything.
And there is no loot:everything or something like that - at least, not that I can see.

e: please oh please don’t say the only way to do it is to set up all the different loot:<type X> lootzones on that one tile.

I assume you can set up a custom zone that lists all the relevant categories as an alternative to setting up one zone of each of those categories (and then save it as a template for usage when cleaning out e.g. science labs).

There’s some weird priorities with zone types, though. It’s not unreasonable to have the food zone contain both perishable and non perishable food if no perishable food zone is set up, but I didn’t expect corpses to end up in the “other” zone when no corpse zone was set up.

Also note that a tile can hold only a single cubic meter of loot, so you might not be able to fit all the junk you brought back in your vehicle on it (but you can do multiple passes).

For a longer term solution (my next game) I’ll build a ramp down to the frost free underground area and drive my vehicle down there to be unloaded.

Just make a custom loot zone with litterly nothing as filter, like when it asks you to type a filter just hit enter and don’t fill in anything. EVERYTHING will get put into that zone. Depending on the amount of loot you have you might need to auto sort multiple times since the stairs can only fit somuch loot before being full.

Just remember that any custum zones with a filter or a zone for a spicific catagory will take priority over this everything zone.


I would never had guessed that empty filter will work while * as a filter would not. How in the *%^& is this ^&*#* even make sense? Anyway, it works. Thank you very much.

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