Sonic weaponry?

Has sonic weaponry ever been discussed as a possible implementation?

You’d run the risk of attracting more enemies like with guns but you probably wouldn’t even need to be all that accurate or even see your enemy for them to get damaged. Just wear the appropriate protection and be close enough for it to be effective and you’re good to go. Sonic damage could deafen enemies if sudden and loud enough, and if it’s just loud enough to be disorientating but not instantly deafening you’d be able to make basically anything with ears stumble around and fall over in agony. This would allow you to run away at your leisure, assuming you’re not affected.

At some point a sonic wave is indestinguishable from a shockwave and then it’s not really sound anymore, but that’s useful too since you’ll have an explosion ready to go at the cost of battery power or whatever is used to charge the device.

for some reasons i feel that would need to be made in the c+, not in a json.

Although the maiclysm mod could be having the bases for that already, there are spells that can be cast through walls and have status effects, there are wands that are basically guns with some of the spells.

Sonic weapons would actually do just as much harm to the user though(in grenade form). The real life weapons are made to prevent physical movement in a direction the weapon is aimed at. I think it is called ADS. It can be seen on youtube.