Cone, wave or "force push" weapons/abilities

Are there already such weapons or abilities in the game, with a cone area of effect, or a wave centered around the player? Or can you already “force push/grab” zomboes? Or can you already teleport enemies on lava?

If not, it sounds possible enough that someone smarter than me could do it. Especially the cone of “force throwing zombies against buildings and eachother creating a full on Z on Z murder orgy” ability/weapon.

Would be cool.

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Not sure if anyone picked up my idea for dragons breath shells. But I have voiced an idea/interest in this effect as well. Shotgun shells with a 3-4 tile cone of fire + birdshot that ignites stuff on fire with a saving throw percentage to give the appearance of “random” ignition of everything in the path.

Cool thought though to expand this with CBM “Force” powers. Kinda reminds me of that game that uses the large gun thing to pick up objects and shoot or toss around. It would be bad ass to have a hand CBM that allowed the toon to Force Push/Pull xD


You could probably go one better. Car mounted shovey pushy machine like a turret but for repulsion which should be WAY more powerful than a handheld like this thing logically could very well kill someone/something. Burst fire but the angle is wrong now you just launched this zombie to China… through the ground. I’d think it would only work at close range for that also think it would in theory be strong enough to break walls even bank vaults if you pounded with Asia vibrates it molecules add this with a pull beam and you can in theory ripped apart any thing.

Might be able to tongue-in-cheek the name like the KnockOff Gun© a parody of the half life Gravity gun which push pulls grabs and fires things. Might be kinda fun to do that.

I thought it was Half Life. I wasn’t certain. Not sure how the devs could add this to a vehicle though. There was a thread last month that discuss this topic. It seems especially difficult to move bulk without destroying the bulk and the mode of moving it.

On the other hand if one were to simply have this as a mode of destroying stuff…could work I suppose. I would imagine it functioning like an invisible shotgun that hit everything a few tiles outward. Aim it like a headlight with very short distance and whenever something comes into contact with it. It does X damage.

A kill field seems really good actually. I mean it’s like a short range death mobile spine cannons.