Something's missing in the map

so after updating the game to latest experimental, i found that there’s something missing on the map feature, the right side of the map which supposed to show name of the map/icon and distance to the mentioned location + helps… is now blank.

how should i fix it?

This is a known bug.

Off-topic, but is the map now using the retrodays tileset? This looks great!

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This is the Graphical Overmap mod. It’s included as a base mod with the CDDA Launcher but there’s a small bit of additional setup needed.

You can find the instructions in the data/mods/Graphical_Overmap folder.

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The mod was recently fixed for updates at least, the .JSON file was changed to .txt so it isn’t loaded. Quick, easy fix. You do still need to do a bit of messing around for the initial install, a bit more than before actually. :yum:

There’s a temporary “fix” for this problem - set your overmap font width same as regular font width. Kinda useless to me because it clashes with my overmap settings, but maybe graphical overmap ignores overmap font sizewidth?

i saw on github page of the issue that setting the overmap width to 8 instead of 16 will fix it.

I’ve tried this myself (setting the overmap font to match my font width) but the overmap glyphs all just end up overlapping each other making them unreadable.

It seems they’re a set size that can’t be altered.

Edit: Referring to the Graphical Overmap

testing of setting overmap width to 8 results in overmap legends/icon overlapping each other, still readable but difficult.