A bit of weird oversight (BUILD 9945)

so after updating the game to latest build, i found one new mod on the modlist, and its graphical overmap.

but when i try to run the mod in new world :
16:47:37.743 ERROR : src/main_menu.cpp:842 [bool main_menu::new_character_tab()] Error: data/mods//Graphical_Overmap/fonts.json: line 2:2: member not found: type


“typeface”: “unifont”,
“map_typeface”: “unifont”,

how to fix it?

Can someone post a picture of how it looks?, i want to test it but seems to much of a hassle to try it fix it, then if it isnt to my taste revert it back again

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I followed the installation and I’m still getting this error.

You did need to move files, not copy them.

Ah, thanks for the clarification.

thanks, all worked and fine after following the installation instruction.

i get this as my world map am i doing something wrong this just hurts my eyes

Change font size in settings menu.

im on 16,16,16 for font size

You need to change overmap font size to 16.