Overmap Graphics Upgrade Link?

I’ve just downloaded the Cataclysm launcher to keep up with new updates.

I’ve just installed newest version of the game and realised I don’t have the maps tiles download file anymore. Does anyone have a link to said mod?

Please thank you.

Not sure how the launcher works, since I’ve never used it, but… if I see that right, the mod should still be in the base game.

I’ll may check it this weekend if I’ll get to it. Until then, you may have this github link, what I assume is what you’re looking for:

Thanks for that.

Yeah, it’s in the game. (Dunno if it’s just a launcher option or actually included).
Though I found out if you update the game via the launcher, you have to move the fonts.json file again.

I’ve checked this weekend as promised, just didn’t got the time until now to report my findings here (with christmas and all going on).
It’s included in the base game and (therefore) also in the launcher, but yeah, you’ll have to install it again manually every time you update the game, which seems to cause confusion, as I see more and more threads pop up about this (like this one or this). Let’s hope there will be a solution soon.

In the meantime, I’ll leave a link to the mod’s readme here in case someone stumbles upon this post while searching for a installation guide. Credit: This readme was linked first by @Zhilkin in an other thread about this mod and he also points out how important it is to move the files, not to copy them.