Something blocks broken wooden stairs repair

I went into a basemtnt, started a fight, and a zombie broke a wooden stairs. So the tile is “broken wooden stairs”. I was trying to repair the stairs, but then messed it up by breaking the wooden stairs completely. I was upset and have used debug menu to spawn grappling hook to get out.

When stairs are broken, on attempt to climb up at the stairs tile game shows message that you need walls or furniture, but I didn’t realize what exactly it needs back then.

But let’s get back to repairing of “broken wooden stairs”. I’ve tried once again, and it looks strange: I have all conditons met, building action is available, but after pointing stairs tile on “Construct where?” request game says - you can’t build there.
What is wrong? Am I missing something? I assume I should be able to perform “Repair Wooden Staircase” build action, then point to tile with broken wooden stairs and then construction should start.

Some images to illustrate (never mind for partial translation):