.C "You cannot build there!" and I don't know why

I’ve just started to figure out building and I’m trying to replace the door zombies very rudely destroyed. However, when I attempt to build where it once stood (there is nothing but dirt there now;just dirt, not a mound), the game says “You cannot build there!”
The same thing happened when I attempted to replace a fence outside my house (also on dirt).
I’ve also tried building a fence in my house, on a road, and on grass, and it always gave me the message.
What do?


First thing to check is if you have all necessary tools and materials. The right hand pane on the construction menu will tell you, any items still in red lettering will need to be collected.

I think I may have figured out what was going wrong. I was probably attempting to build the first stage of Build Door (a frame) and I believe there is already a frame there.

After getting my construction to level 3 I have confirmed this was the problem.


no. i CAN build - white label in my receipt-book tells me what i MAY.
so - we have
may i - yes, you may
can i - no, you can’t

well - we have same situation.
most likely some conditions haven’t coincided. but to us doesn’t report conditions about which a game knows. probably it is a secret and its publication damage national security :wink:
word as in one Russian song “my dear, good, guess itself”
try switch on the debugging mode - maybe there you will see what conditions you aren’t satisfied.

i think we can or cannot build some in next conditions
1 - this availability of materials in the necessary quantities necessary for production of the fact that it is necessary for us
2 - existence of necessary tools
3 - necessary skill have to be present besides at sufficient degree of competence too
4 …
5 profit!

well “…” is some unknown conditions which deny us to do what we need.

i think - game may not light that tiles which is not fit to conditions.
but game - do it, i.e. light tiles in any case, get us to anger, when sometimes wish to erase game from harddisk.
or - ok - light, but colorise that tiles from that fact - is the tile fit to conditions or not.
red - you may but you can’t
green - you definitely can do it.

vivat, the problem is, that there are multiple constructions binded to one action. Like ‘build a door’ actually consists of: ‘build a door frame’, ‘build a door’, something else (peephole?).
All of these actions are context dependent. Game allows you to activate the option if you have enough material only to one of this sub-actions, even if this isn’t what you want.

PS: I’m not a native english speaker to, but i have an advice to you: try to read what you wrote before post. If text is barely understandable - do not post. Also you can google translate your english post to Russian to avaluate its understandability.

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