I can't build stairs on the 2nd floor- game thinks I don't have materials?

I’m trying to scale up the side of a migo scout tower to rescue the prisoners inside

I built the first set of stairs on the ground level, and put a wooden wall next to it so that I can have a floor to build the next set of stairs on

But, when I bring the materials for the next set of stairs up, the game doesn’t recognize that I have them. It doesn’t let me build the stairs even though I have the necesary planks and nails

Can’t reproduce (build 0.E-11243).

Without knowing the version you’re playing, it’s going to be hard to help you.

So the materials in Components required are colored red?

That’s correct. I have the planks and nails up on the Z-level with me, and the game still colors them red

I’m playing on build 0.E-11234

Hm, indeed, I was able to reproduce the bug in build 0.E-11234. Funny enough, after moving the save over to 11243, it was not only reproduceable as well, but it also made it reproduceable in my other save.

It looks like it’s not considering material around you suitable for building as long as you’re staying on the upper part of a built wooden staircase (maybe in other locations as well).
Unless it’s already fixed in a newer version or you find a way to carry all the planks in your inventory, you probably have to build another platform to stand on to build the next staircase…

Yup, that was able to fix it. I built a second wooden wall and placed my planks down on that, and now the plank requirement is green instead of red. Thanks!