Constructing Stairs Above Ground Level

On my next big play-through I want to build a multi leveled building, ideally going up and not down. I understand that Z levels are still a bit iffy. How hard would it be to add a “upwards stairs” construction to the game? Is it just tweaking the .json files or a bit more involved than that?

I know I can use the debug menu to spawn stairs, but a. Cheating and b. I need to also create the downwards stairs on the next Z level.

Adjacent to that question, as it stands, wall construction demands pits so building walls on top of a roof is also impossible. Seems weird to be unable to make a shack on top of a roof?

Is there something wrong with the Build Wooden Staircase construction that’s already in the game?

If you want to make them out of concrete, yes, but other walls don’t have that demand.
If it has to be concrete (or a pallisade wall), you might want to try my workaround:

You just need to build two other, cheap walls that support a roof first (that don’t require a pit).

PS: I’ve moved the topic over to the Bunker for now, as it either belongs into the Garage (if you don’t want to use wooden stairs because they are bugged) or into the Lab for the modding request.

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Ooof, my mistake. I used the search function with “stairs” which, ironically does not match with “staircase.” Not sure why I was under the impression that all walls required a pit though. This solves all my problems, thanks!

Shanty town on top of a building here I come.

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