Some speed-up options

There are a handful of options that I personally, perhaps others, could use a sort of nuclear or enmass option

Disassembling items one by one can take time. I’ve noticed there’s a key bound to disassemble items, is there any way to use the same key to multi-disassemble? Que up a handful of items to be disassembled?

Dismantling vehicles is something that takes forever you have to remove each part in a section before you can remove the frame, why not have a (D)ismantle option where once pressed the PC begins dismantling the whole vehicle in one action, taking the in-game time to remove each part but not the real time to select each part?

Emptying liquids (For example cans of beer) can take time when there’s a lot of them, a selection process for emptying all the cans in one go would be great XD (…Please tell me I’m not the only one that’s looted a liquor store for the cans the beer came in and the glass bottles the other booze came in…)

Lastly, an option to siphon liquids from an RV and load them into your RV without a transport container in your inventory, the same way you can refill a vehicle’s gasoline.


For disassembling items you could have a key to repeat it like with crafting (pressing - to craft the same thing again). Stripping a section of a car in one go would be nice but the whole car would be overkill and probably result in starvation or death by wolf spider (I don’t trust the game to interrupt me in time) and it could also lead to accidentally destroying your entire vehicle you spent months building.

The Existing “Monster Spotted!” and “are you sure?” system can solve both. And if fixed the “Feeling Tired” system too XD

Those are all reasonable features IMO. I’m far, far away from having time to work on them personally though.