Disassembling Vehicle engines

So I made a pallet lifter. I have a bottle jack. I removed the engine from the car. Why does my character have to then hold the engine in order to disassemble it? Anything in a car or truck immediately knocks him to the ground.

It seems a bit odd and doesn’t quite make sense. Does the disassemble command not work on items that are not held? When the engine is on the ground, the command greys out the engine even though it clearly sees the engine on the ground.

Maybe in the construction menu we could put in a “disassemble engine” choice requiring lifting of X and jacking of X as well as whatever else is needed.

Put the engine on the ground, stand over it, and press [B] (the butchering menu). It will allow you to disassemble it.


Will that get me the same parts? I thought butchering something was just sort of ripping apart as fast as possible whereas disassemble gave you the max chance to get the parts you needed?

Nah, not for advanced things like that. Some items can be both butchered and disassembled. Televisions come to mind, but you can still disassemble things through the butcher menu.

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You can also disassemble/repair things while lying on the ground crushed by the weight.

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Isnt that going to damage the character? I was able to do this with the small v6 but i dont want my dude to die a crush death.

Pretty sure it does not. Basically you’re knocked prone but you don’t take damage.

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You can take pain though from too heavy a load, which lowers intelligence and therefore is less than ideal for disassembly. But I don’t think you can take real health damage iirc.

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