Disassembling items for 12 hours non resumable is a disaster (experimental)

Some items (like leather backpack, a lot of leather clothing, leather seats) take 8-14 hours to disassemble. Well, that’s strange to start with, especially considering it takes an order of magnitude less time to disassemble some complex electronics, but I digress. Point is, you literally become dead tired and extremely weary if you start disassembling the item right after you wake up and eat. If you stop the activity, you can’t even go to sleep and resume it the next day because item disassembly is non-resumable (?).

Can we please do something about these crazy disassembly times or at least make them resumable?

Suggestion: make it scale(more?) with your tools quality.

Weariness unknowingly strikes again.

I guess almost anything burns calories, even disassembling clothing.

Being able to put down and resume crafting is great, maybe need the same for disassembling, where the big things like furniture or car parts aren’t usable or movable until fully disassembled, as if you start disassembling a fridge you’re going to need to finish it before doing anything else with it.

Disassembling clothing is only really for when you really need the threads (yarn, or maybe buttons). When you think about it, who the hell would disassemble trousers and recover the actual thread used to stitch them together? Just cut them all to rags / leather patches / felt patches.

yeah, disassembly implies that you’re attempting to take it apart to learn how it works, in which case you’d be far more careful with it than, say, taking a knife and cutting it to pieces for the scraps… which is why it takes longer.

often, you’ve already got the recipes for equipment that takes forever to disassemble anyway.