Adding and removing car parts

Is there any way to see how long it will take to add or remove a part before you actually do it? Also, is there a way to see how long an item disassembly will take?

i don’t know of any and i am pretty sure there is no way to know that atm, if that helps you somehow.

I suspect disassembly takes the same amount of time it takes to craft the said item. At least for geiger counter this is true. I know this because I recently grinded my electronics skill up to next level by crafting and disassembling a few geiger counters. (35mins per operation)

For vehicles, I don’t know for sure. Could it depend on the mechanics level required for the part installation? Also things like character’s mechanics skill, certain attributes, focus and tiredness levels COULD be factors. So there might not be a simple answer. But the time required is not visible anywhere, that’s for sure.

For me installation/removal of level 6 components (tested ‘upgraded solar panel’ and ‘military composite armor’) at mechanics 7 takes ~30 minutes. Headlights take ~7 minutes.

Disassembly is a mirror of the crafting recipe if the recipe is reversible. Some items can be dismantled using a separate “uncraft” recipe, which usually entails getting back different products than what was used to make it, and/or the need for different tools, and these can have different times to craft.

As for the OP’s post, if I recall it’s listed in construction.json. The time might be reduced by higher skill, I can’t recall.

I didn’t even think to look there. Thank you.

Oh wait. Why the hell did I commit the exact same derping and forget you were talking about vehicle parts, not construction? >.<