Some recent weirdness

I just updated and zombie evolution/food spoilage seem to have been reset or something and my save has rolled back to spring day 25. Also time passing during craft time seems to be a lot slower, it doesn’t take more in game time but it takes longer real time.

I’ll update if I spot anything less.

Time is a bit funky in the current experimental, due to a large and sweeping change in how we calculate turns.

K, like I said, I’ll keep my eyes peeled for anything else. :+1:

Time is relative anyways :woman_shrugging:

For me the time passing is choppy/inconsistent. Like, holding the button down stutters, and sleeping speeds up and slows down like stopping by every intersection with your car.

Is this affecting fire spreading too?, tried to burn a building, waited 5 mins, and it didnt spread

I’ll give it a try once it stops raining long enough.

healing traits are also rendered obsolete even imperceptive healer

Please explain in more detail?

with the new turn progression and sleep slowdown, healing seems to have sped up ridiculously. with imperceptive healer and 1 first aid skill bandages i was able to heal 2.5 bars of health on limbs in one night’s sleep while usually it would have been maximum 0.5 bars of health.

so i guess if you liked the realistic healing the traits won’t help until they are rebalanced

Butchering is way quicker now too

Thanks for the info. I was thinking of getting the latest to test. But I absolutely must have slow realistic healing in my game or it is a Fuh-getaboudit" kinda deal for me to even play. Think I’ll wait for rebalance slow healing.

This too. Butchering in 37 seconds lol

If only. 1 deer takes a couple hours in the field. 45 minutes if the shop while having a perfect blade with the skill to do it. Maybe less if they wanna get it done as a business.

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9 seconds to quarter :stuck_out_tongue:
I wish Mel could quarter living zombies that quick :stuck_out_tongue:

Must be based on rhubix cube contenders for such master level cutting lol

Sensory dulling/auto doc bionic installation is also bugged.

same here. the healing reduction felt like it should have been default. really added lots of depth and engagement(should i raid now with my damaged limbs or wait in the house more days and heal). really enjoyed coming back after a long raid to spent a week recovering and mending my wounds and gear. some long term wound effects would be great and also losing limbs only to miraculously survive and drag yourself out but never fully recover.

on a different topic it should also be noted that building furniture now requires wood panels but deconstructing it only gives two by fours that’s weird and also not sure if they are manufacturable

I have real scars. So even if I don’t get shot. Took a long time for me to heal. I imagine if your health gets low enough. Breaking a bone should not only be about 0 health on a limb. Sufficient damage and intensity could give a break. Fire harm should scar keeping a point or 2 permanently off the whole HP score. Those details make you ask…is this worth doing and what will it cost me to do it. Just like real life but in game.

edit: gonna go add this to the idea threads. pats myself on the back lol


yeaa there’s a lot of ideas on this concept. survive a headshot but deal with permanent brain damage like halucinations, INT debuff maybe; have your leg crippled real bad and have a permanent limp in your walk or maybe just getting hurt repeatedly would increase your pain tolerance

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Which furniture isn’t dropping panels? Anything where they’re mandatory should drop panels, if they don’t then chances are I just missed it.

Panels will be craftable as soon as the PR is merged.