What was the Reason for the 1sec turns?


I heard about the changes to the game where world calculations/actions are done every second instead of 6 secs. What was the reason for this? Because of this everything slows to a crawl, especially when you’re crafting. I set 5 NPCs to guard near my workbench when I’m crafting so that they help craft. Every 5 minutes in-game takes 10 secs in real life to pass. In versions prior to this change the time increased in increments of 30 minutes and each 30 minute interval took about a second in real life. All this change does it make the player spend more time staring at the screen waiting for crafting (or some other action) to finish. So what was the reason for this change?

What’s worse is when you’re sleeping you cannot do anything (aside from somehow being awoken externally).

Yes I know, I’m playing experimental but I think this is one of the most annoying changes thus far. Yes I know I can go back to a previous version but I want other things that were added after that change. Moving my NPCs out of the area helps a little but then that defeats the purpose of batch crafting with the help of NPCs.

IMO, a bad decision to add this ‘feature.’ I guess its too late to undo because it seems like a whole bunch of changes were made to make this ‘feature’ ‘work.’ No other choice but to optimize it somehow.

Build 9268.

What was the reason for the 6 second turns?

It was changed to 1 second because it makes a lot of things easier to parse and makes it not take two minutes to walk across the street.

The problems with it are rapidly dwindling, but it was an enormous paradigm shift and so it’ll be a little while before they all shake out.


Hi Erk

Thanks for replying. Yeah I think it needs some more adjustments. Umm with this change, when there are mobs nearby you’ll take more than two minutes to walk across the street due to all the extra calculations/checks now. No one cares if it takes 2 minutes to walk across the street when the area is clear. So in the end you reduced the time to walk across the street but increased the time (substantially) for everything else…brilliant :).

How about only using this feature when there are major events like say there are monsters/hostile NPCs around? Crafting fruit juice/wine must (4+ hours) and pemmican (7+ hours) is painfully slow even when you have 5 NPCs helping you.

This is not a helpful attitude.

I don’t think I know what calculations/checks you’re talking about. Zombie movement, for instance, is still only happening once per turn, so I’m not sure what it matters if that turn was 1 second or 6 seconds. It’s not like they multiplied the number of calculations per turn.

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Theres some confusion here.
In-game time,and real-life time.

In-game time, things make a lot more sense now, previously for example, if you were travelling in a car at 40mph, you would travel like 100 in-game meters before you had a chance to turn the car to avoid an obstacle, cutting the intervals down to 1 second, means that controlling a car is much more sane.
6- seconds was a weird arbitrary number, 1 second is also an arbitrary number, but much easier to work with for calculating durations of things, if you now say x is too long or y is too short, well it can be tweaked to fit the new 1-second change, thats no problem, its just a structural change that helps massively going foward with development.

And when you say that things tkae longer in real-life time, well thats somewhat true, but becoming less true every day, yes, the game is now processing 6x as many turns for a thing taht takes 7 hours to craft - but thats an optimization issue, and there is lottsssss of room for optimization, we are almost back to parity, and will probably exceed it.

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With 100 speed a creature moves 1 tile per turn. It was never stated in concrete, but in code 1 tile is considered to be 1x1 m, so 1 tile per turn means 1 meter per second, which is 3,6 km/h, which is fairly realistic walking speed for a human. IRL untrained people can maintain 5 km/h for around 30 minutes, but this is tiring. So 3,6 km/h seems a proper number for not-tiresome walking speed.
A zombie has 70 speed, so it walks 2,5 km/h, and this also seems appropriate.
But with old system, a player and other creatures with 100 speed was traveling at 0,6 km/h

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You are confusing in-game and real time.l

Giving feedback is always helpful. In short, I said that this feature was added but broke many things. Some things still need to fixed. ‘Fixed’ things can be optimized even further.

Calculations/checks - the game processing actions and events of player/npc/monster/weather/etc. This change is very noticeable. One turn was 6 secs before and now it is 1 sec so isn’t that effectively the same thing as multiplying calculations per turn?

Bottom line is this slows down the system and the player experience a lot more ‘wait’ than before.

Yes reducing the time scale results in more accurate calculations. Funny with your car example I’m seeing issues I haven’t experienced before. Eg. I had an automatic pulse laser enabled on my deathmobile. I go through a field of ants (or huge mob of zombies in town) at a fast speed. The laser starts shooting. I try to slow down but the game doesn’t acknowledge my deceleration keystrokes because it is too busy processing everything else around me. Many seconds later (after holding down the down arrow key) the game acknowledges my keypress. But many times it’s already too late and I’ve crashed into a tree (or house). I’ve crashed so many times because of this. Now I only travel at 25km/h.

What I’m saying is that this feature while made things more realistic brought more problems and was not though out thorougly. And yes I’m aware they’re still being sorted out as everyone mentioned.

No I’m not confused. Before in my game, ingame time incremented in 30 minute intervals and each interval took 1 sec in real life. Now my game increments in 5 minute intervals and each intervals takes from 5-10 secs in real life.

Yes, you were confused.

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You are overstating the impact.

provide a savegame where 5 minutes takes 5-10 irl seconds to pass while waiting, I will look at it and I bet I discover its because of z-levels / lots of monsters/ lots of items / other things than the 1-second turn change, or that you are exaggerating, and I promise my computer is slower than yours.

The problems you are having with vehicles is because you are stacking up the movement commands by holding it down, this was a problem prior to the change, and still is, it has nothing to do with the 1-second change.

If you do not hold down the wait button while driving, then you will get 6x as many chances to move and avoid obstacles, this is fact.

The game will not refuse to acknowledge your keypresses because it is processing everything around you, this is false, the game will process ONE TURN of activity, then hand control back to the player, if you have stacked up movement commands by holding down a key beforehand, then you will not get that control back, that is your fault, and nothing to do with the 1-second turn change.


Wow I am so tempted to look at the c++ code myself. Can’t you just acknowledge the fact that there issues with this change? No I am not exaggerating. I’m in the evac shelter with 5 NPCs and about a dozen animals. I have NOT experienced this before in prior games when I had Z-Levels, 5 NPCS, about 100 animals and 5x more items - all within 50 tiles of my character.

I haven’t seen the code so I don’t know all the internals I’m just saying what I experienced before and now. How many people can say that they know all the internals of the game?

The impact is huge. I’ve seen plenty of complaints on here and reddit. Other people had the same experience and were replied with ‘that’s due to the 1 sec changes’ so that’s how I came to the conclusion. Plus I see changes here and there in release notes regarding ‘1 sec’ turns. Patching something to make something work later on means that it wasn’t thought out thoroughly.

If this is true, something else is happening, because as you noted yourself, there is 6x as much stuff happening per minute, not 60x.

The queued up keypresses is another symptom that would not be caused by the 6 second to 1 second turn change, there is NO change to the rate of processing things on a turn-by-turn basis.

If you want to drop the hyperbole and work with us to find out where that slowdown is coming from, we can, but if you want to keep ranting and making demands, we have no reason to treat this as anything other than a rant.

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Sending you the saved game to look into the issue is not a problem. After all I want my game to be smooth again. It’s fine to say the issue is mostly like from this or that just don’t go around saying ‘you’re imagining things.’ Many things have changed/patched due to this feature.

Where can I upload my saved game?

Actually 6 second turns has it’s roots in the original Dungeons and Dragons, where a round was defined as 6 seconds. Quite a few games over the years have used this as the basis for their timers.

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If you’re serious about troubleshooting, I’ve uploaded my save file on dropbox via the following link:

Note: In my game I made pigs tameable and tamed 1 pig.


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If you want to really be sure, grab an old experimental version from before the change.

Turn z-levels off, kill all nearby NPCs and monsters, then wait in place in the starting location and time how long an hour takes irl time.

Then do the same with a recent version.

You will find very little difference, how do I know? because I’ve done exactly that.

It is perhaps a tad slower, but that is being worked on, I am not refusing to accept there are any issues, I am stating that you are exaggerating, and once again, you exaggerate by misrepresenting my position as outright denial.

Like Kevin said, if your game is 60x slower than it was, then manifestly something else is happening, because the time-change would result in a maximum of 6x more things to be processed in irl time steps, and even that has been optimized mostly away.

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Jesus, I just loaded your save, and yes, it takes like 20 seconds for me to even pass 1 minute in-game.

And you wanna know why?

Look at this… you got like 30+ vehicle fridges, ( and another 15 or so underground ) and tonnes of other vehicle power-producing and power-consuming parts. THOUSANDS upon thousands of perishable food items in huuuge stacks, a bunch of NPCs, a bunch of tame creatures.

THen theres your farm, ( still in the reality bubble )

This, is what you might call, the lagbeast of all lagbeast bases.

Hell, on my potato it was buffering player MOVEMENT and stacking it up, let alone vehicle movement.

If you are blaming the 1-second turn change for this, then… idk what to say to you man. This base would be a lagbeast on any version of the game going back years lol


Thanks for uploading the save, while I agree with dpwb that this is mostly unrelated to the 1 second turn change, this save will be enormously valuable for profiling and fixing the problems that you (and to a lesser extent other people) are encountering, so your lost time will not be in vain.


Wow. This is a lag testing dream come true.

I’m not sure why 1s turns would be to blame for this. It is entirely possible one of almost any other processing related tests could have added lag. You have basically every test case scenario for causing lag on your map here.

In the meantime you might want to turn off experimental z-levels while in your base, at least, which will have some effect. You also may want to just consider spreading out your hoarding over a few sites so that you don’t have millions (not sure I’m even exaggerating) of items in a single reality bubble at once.