Unarmed Styles removed?

Anyone know what the deal is with styles at the moment? In the current SDL Shaolin Adept and Venom Mob Protege are removed, you can’t wizmode any styles, and styles from Self-Defense and Martial Arts Training don’t appear to do anything.

Martial arts is mid-way through a huge rework that removes the old silly “martial arts are an item” thing. Not all of the old martial arts have been reimplemented into the current game yet, which is why those particular traits are still missing. As for them not doing anything, don’t worry, they do do things; it’s just that currently the descriptions for said martial arts traits haven’t been reimplemented to be displayed properly. If you look on the right side you will see the name of your currently equipped martial art in blue.

I had a hunch something like that was going on when I noticed the style didn’t take the weapon slot anymore, but I wasn’t entirely sure. I’m glad Martial Arts are getting reworked because over the months it seems they have accumulated several issues, and they’ve always been my favorite melee “weapon”. Do we have an ETA on when they’re expected to be playable?

They are already playable in the sense that they work, but they should be all of the way done by the .9 release in a couple of weeks.