Have you thought about adopting a mod?

There are a number of mods in the base game that are getting obsoleted in 0.E. Don’t hyperventilate, the mods still work in your old saves and if you really love them they’re still in the game and just need a single word text edit to return. What I’m here to talk about though is the mods that are being marked obsolete based on our criteria of “nobody is managing this mod, monitoring content that goes in, and taking responsibility for - if not fixing bugs - at least finding someone to help fix the bugs.” These mods need a curator/maintainer.


I don’t play it myself but this simple content mod is the one I’m personally saddest to see here. It works fine, all it needs is someone keeping it updated. Heck, that person could even add prehistoric jungle forest types and put dinos in them. This is the only mod on the list that could be un-obsoleted prior to 0.E without any work… as far as I know it’s all pretty bug free, although pretty out of date compared to mainline monsters.

Blazemod (Vehicle Additions Pack)

This one has more broken parts, and needs some tender repair. If you like a bit of a fixer upper though, it’s the most popular mod on the obsolescence pile. It cannot avoid being obsolete for 0.E but if you adopt it, it could be restored in experimentals after the release and you can take it home and start banging those dents out.

Magical Martial Arts and Mythical Weapons

I lumped these together because they both suffer from a lack of content as well as a lack of maintainer, and could possibly be merged together. With some of the magic code they might provide a nice base for a mystic warrior mod. Like blazemod, neither of these is going to be saved for 0.E but could be picked up after.

Modular Turrets and Salvaged Robots

I only added turrets to the list because it’s a prerequisite for Robots, it has to go though. These two are big problems for maintenance and are on the chopping block for good reason. If you love them, they’re up for maintainership, but be aware, you’ve got your work cut out for you before they can be added back. It might be easier to just rebuild the whole thing from scratch as a “junkyard robots” concept.


Hey I’m SouP from the two discord channels, and I’m keen to adopt Blazemod if no one else is. I’m currently working on tidbits and lore for Aftershock already, and though my PR commit number is small so far I have played a plenty with blazemod and would be happy to keep it up to date and conflict free, while trying to make some of the content more in-line with the game and try some cool things.


More dinos would be cool too :smiley:

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@SouP I’m also interested in helping with Blazemod, but I usually don’t have a consistent enough activity on CDDA that I’d want to be the main POC/maintainer for a mod (I usually have a cycle of “I play a lot for a few months, then take a few months break”, etc…).

But I could be a “secondary” maintainer if you need help (it’s a big mod!.. and I’ve “fixed” it for my own game a number of times in the past already ^_^)


At this point it looks like the mods all have someone speaking for them, but these are community projects, so if you’re excited to help, just head over to GitHub and see who’s working on it, then talk to them in the related PR

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I havent played for a while, is really magical MA? or is the mythical MA? (the one that add the lizard,toad, centipede, scorpion, martial arts)