Some Issues/Bugs. Can I can 'Fix' some locally?

Hi, I found a couple of issues that perhaps are fixed already but not released. Can I somehow ‘fix’ them locally for now until the patches are out?

  1. Fully butchered Moose/bear/deer drop very low meat. I get around 30-40 chunks of meat from them. I get over 100 for an ant. A (cow) calf also drops around 30-40 meat. Should also get much more chunks of fat, like 2x/3x the amount.
  2. The game sometimes interprets left/right/up/down arrow keys as diagonal keys. Eg. I have a cart (vehicle) to my left, I go to grab it and it says it’s not there (the game thinks that I entered diagonal key 7 or 1). After several attempts I eventually grab it. You can see this issue more when you try to drop something. Drop something to the right, you’ll drop the item to the upper-right or lower-right. This is annoying because many times I went to grab my cart but I grab a locker (full of things) in the corner and time automatically fast-forwards.
  3. Sleeping NPCs do not wake up when attacked.
  4. NPCs sleep at an inappropriate time. There was a horde of 20+ zombies chasing us, I lead my group of NPCs away from them. One of them suddenly goes to sleep and dies due to issue #3.
  5. Teleporting NPCs. I suddenly get an error message saying NPC is already there. Then they start teleporting when I run around. Workaround is to save/exit the game.
  6. Disappearing NPCs. NPCs are happy and have food/water on them. Suddenly one of them disappears and I never see them again. His name shows up in the ‘crew’ list in my car though. I checked z levels and he’s not there.
  7. NPCs sometimes reset for no reason. I gave my NPC food/water/duffel bag. One morning I wake up and check on my NPC. He reset for some reason and has his original items like an dynamite, fingerless gloves, lighter, etc. He still wears the same armor and has the same weapon I gave him though.
  8. Please increase how much weight NPCs can carry. 30-50 lbs is very little.
  9. Previously, NPCs helped you chop down trees when executed from the construction menu. Now when you ‘activate’ an axe to chop down a tree, they no longer help you. I tried given them axes as well but that didn’t do anything.
  10. My 70000+lb vehicle stops dead in it’s tracks when trying to run over a flower when going at 15km/h.
  11. Does a chainsaw have any advantage over an axe? I appear to get tired the same amount.
  12. A fully butchered spider drops chunks of fat while a full butchered coyote doesn’t drop it.
  13. Not sure but it’s a there No-attack list for NPCs/Turrets? My cows produce a calf. Seconds later my turrent obliterates it…poor thing never stood a chance in this cruel cruel world.
  14. Calves do not accept fodder. I fixed this locally and after being fed with fodder they behave the same as cows except they don’t give milk.
  15. Calves have a tough time going up stairs. Going down stairs is fine but it’s very difficult for them to follow you up the stairs.


Build 8087
Mod List.


Weight is based on strength and traits if they have strong back they carry more if they have bad back less. But slot of NPCs have a stat that’s super low often I find them dumber than a box of rocks and a bag of hammers(an insult to the hammers and rocks really) or are stiffs or are weaklings or can’t find a snake in a bag of snakes. From what I can tell they have a set amount of points which is given based on class to skills stats and gear. The rest are things being worked on save the sleep thing that happens and they don’t wake up because for some(if not all) they take a moment to wake up unless you wake them they also have pain when in your company but when you fight an enemy NPC they have no pain. But the sleep thing happens to you too when you don’t sleep enough you slow down and start taking heavy stat penalties as well as getting a chance to randomly pass out if you don’t sleep for long enough also with heavy sleep an enemy can very well kill you while you sleep… So remember kids sleep only where it’s safe.

Obviously, you can fix some of these, like the calf issue, locally.

Some of them - like the teleporting/disappearing NPCs - are sufficiently complex bugs that if you have a solution for them, the rest of us would appreciate it if you would share. Please.

Most of the rest are things that developers would like to fix if they had the time, but there’s no JSON setting for “don’t do this stuff.” I can more or less figure out how to fix 3, 4, 11, and 12, given some time, but there’s lots of bugs to fix and features to add. I’ve got my to-do list and it’s really long and a lot of other people are in the same situation.

@Eastwardrope91 Ah I didn’t know that NPCs could have traits as well. Thanks for the info. I’ll be sure to look for those that spawn with nice stats.

Of Yea just ask them to tell them more about them selves I believe it’s the f key in the main dialogue page for NPCs.

@mlangsdorf Yes, some issues can be fixed by changing json files. However, changing the .json file for moose butcher drop rates didn’t fix the issue - I still get the same amount of meat drops. So perhaps there’s more to it than just changing for the .json files for butchery results. Hence my request if anyone knows or has already fixed some of these issues themselves locally.

I submitted the list knowing that you guys already had a lot on your plates. Perhaps I was hoping to hear that some of these were already fixed or are already being worked on. I know that you guys aren’t being paid for all the work you’re doing so that’s why I’m patiently waiting for the fixes to come out.


Okay, status that I know about:

  1. Sounds like a code bug, but nexusmrsep is constantly working on improving the butchery code.
  2. I don’t know if anyone is looking into this.
  3. On my to-do list, plus there’s a general overhaul of NPC AI at some future date. Not exactly sure what’s happening.
  4. Also on my to-do list, but this one I definitely know what the issue is. It’s going to take a while to solve because I don’t want to just fix this issue, but fixing some related issues requires a lot of support code.
  5. This is hard to solve.
  6. This is hard to solve.
  7. This is really hard to solve.
  8. Get stronger NPCs with strong backs and make sure they’ve got enough storage.
  9. I don’t know what’s up with this.
  10. This is on my to-do list, but the vehicle collision code is confusing and complicated and untangling it will not be easy.
  11. I don’t know what’s up with this or if anyone is fixing it.
  12. Some coyotes are missing the “FAT” flag. You could fix this, and do everyone a favor and submit the fix.
  13. A no-attack list for NPCs and turrets has been proposed, but it’s part of the same messy fix as 3, 4 and is also slightly more complicated.
  14. Baby animals are not meant to be instantly tameable, so this is by design. Adding some kind of system where if you fed them repeatedly over several days they became friendly wouldn’t be hard, but it’s also not my priority. If someone else wants to pick this up, I’d be glad to help.
  15. Creature pathfinding across Z-levels is just one of those mysteries.

So unfortunately, most of these issues aren’t going to get fixed soon.

@mlangsdorf Thanks for listing the current status of each issue. I’m sure others experienced the same issues as I did and wondered about them as well.

As for #14, not sure if I agree with that design decision. Animals born in captivity are already accustomed to humans. I’ve seen workers feeding baby animals with bottles and such. Also found this link regarding calves born on dairy farms:

I’ve made my change locally so I’m happy with that. Currently I have about 35 adult cows and 7 calves on my base/farm. I built a concrete wall around them (with a closed door of course). Any new calves born within the walls are easily tamed by feeding them fodder. The ones born outside the walls are chased, tamed and roped into the containment. That being said, I hope there isn’t a limit on number of ‘pets’ in one area. I want to have about 100 cows so that I can farm them for chunks of fat for diesel and haggis. Beats driving around for animal runs. Also hope pets and wildlife do not share some kind of pool in one area.

No problem if the issues aren’t fixed any time soon. Most of the issues are minor except for #2 which I think should have high priority. Eg. I’ve lost some good gear by dropping them in the trunk of my transport only to find out much later that they dropped on the ground (game thinks I dropped them in the corner, not left/right/up/down).


#2) is a feature, [shift] and [ctrl] offset the arrow keys -/45 degrees.
This allows for diagonal movement without the numpad or yubn keys.
if you got this behaviour from the numpad, perhaps your numlock was off.
upon testing this however, it only works with the tiles version, and produces unexpected behavior in the terminal.
#11)the chainsaw is faster to take down a tree than the axe, however it should also not be nearly as exhausting… good point i suppose.

@joxer I’m trying to drop-off items or grab a vehicle (cart with casters) not move. Both commands use the shift + another key so you could be on to something about the cause of the issue. Also, my numlock is always on for this game. I think the issue occurs more often on the arrow keys left of the numeric keypad. But I do see the issue when using both. Haven’t tried the terminal version but I play with the MSX++DEAD_PEOPLE tileset if it helps troubleshoot.

Would be nice if we had a vehicle attachment similar to the drill/reaper/etc that could cut down trees into logs.
I use rollers to clear a path in forests but would be nice to clearcut trees without destroying them.

I don’t entirely agree with the decision either. I don’t have commit rights to the repository, so I have to accept the decisions of people who do. In this case, young animals are not instantly tameable by feeding them a single piece of food and no one has written the code to make them tameable through repeated feedings on multiple days.