All of them

I dislike how we have no highways. So highways that actually go from city to city or ‘just go’ would be nice.
NPC ai is always a thing. Currently NPCs will literally explode if they try to reload single-shot guns.
NPCs dont have a comprehensive way of changing armors. They seem most fascinated with splints when they dont otherwise need them.

And, as someboyd trying to mod the game and who sucks at lua, Im pretty frustrated with how rigid the system can be. I want stabbing damage from enemies, or Id like ant-sting attacks. Or Id want ‘vicegrip’ attacks. To give to ants.

Oh heys, a bigger one.

Headlights current spread their light farther than the reality bubble. This poses a problem if youre walking in the dark and suddenly you are lit up like a christmas tree.

Today I learned that the game has a really hilarious method for dealing with any sort of problem related to NPCs. It just makes their brain explode!

But what happens if a bug or change happens that makes it so that the function for making an NPC’s brain explode stops working? Does the player’s brain explode?

Most outstanding reported bugs are actually quite complex, requiring the understanding of the game’s code.
I’ll list some of the easier ones: