Environmental hazards not showing in latest build (WIN GRAPHICAL)

So I am running the latest experimental build (WIN GRAPHICAL) and I noticed system tiles aren’t visible in all tilesets excluding retrodays. I have software rendering set to true as without it the game won’t start. Anyone had any similar issues? It makes the game somewhat unplayable.

Which “latest” experimental? There’s a half dozen of them every single day.

Also, are you using tiles or plain ASCII? A screenshot would help.

Ok so here is an example of the MSHOCK32 (As you see the building is on fire and thin smoke is in place but not displaying as a tile)

…And here is the same game loaded with retrodays tiles (working more or less as it should)


I don’t quite understand why one tileset is displaying the tiles while the other isn’t. I noticed retrodays does not make use of composite tiles for these multis.

Is software rendering a problem here?

Pretty confident we fixed this some time ago.