Some form of a "weird" crater series (ended) *warning !SPOILERS!

Hello, I recently found some sort of crater “its not marked as one on the map,” it is perfectly egg shaped with nothing in it, the middle part of it is ash while the outsides of it are mounds of dirt (as if dirt was pushed out of the way during impact), around it are irradiated wanderers which i have never seen before. Anyone know what this is exactly?

You’re in a vault town.

Go into the sewers, and look for the vault. Watch out for the wanderers.

Ah ok, thank you, never seen such thing before, ill h ave to hope to spawn there again as i just died from a bunch of wolves.

I have some further questions regarding that answer.

When you mean by “Vault” im thinking of fallout lore, is this correct? Also, i remember reading something about entrances that are underground, but also about others that look like motel markings on the map, is this true as well?

Could you send some images? Never seen that before.

I’ll try, I’m really trying my best to find the entrance, let alone trying to not get killed, I think im on my like 6th character trying to get to it but there are so many zombies and irradiated wanderers inside the city that its making it really hard. And when i do eventually find it, i dont know how to take screenshots of the game and let alone post them on a forum, if you have any advice on that it would be helpful.

Update: Found a sort of boxed out motel that has all barricades blocking all roads leading into it, this might be it.

[quote=“FunsizeNinja123, post:2, topic:7084”]You’re in a vault town.

Go into the sewers, and look for the vault. Watch out for the wanderers.[/quote]

Yeah just go ahead and spoil it completely D:

Windows: Print Screen button, paste into paint, save
Mac: Command + Shift + 3
Linus: You are on your own :stuck_out_tongue:

Once you’ve got an image go to imgur and upload it with the button in the top left, then look on the left for a “BBcode” thing to copy. Paste that into the forum reply and your image should show up. (For large ones it’s best to also put it in a spoiler tag).

Sorry John :l

lol i might make this into a step by step adventure and just post my complete failure of trying to find it let alone getting into it.
Also thanks for the advice amroy, ill make sure to do that.

Entry one: Currently im rocking with my usual build-

[spoiler]Male Firefighter
Name-John Hammell
Deft, Scout, Tough
Asthmatic, Bad temper, Jittery, Trigger-happy, and weak stomach
lvl2 melee
lvl1 first aid
lvl1 swimming

This is like my 5-6th (im not even sure if this is correct) character trying to find this vault, but for the sake of consistency he will be our first. Currently im wielding a halligan bar trying to beat these irradiated shitbags down which is really tough, i’ve got a packed M72 LAW (if door is a giant ass cog like in the games this is what im saving it for if it will even do anything) and a simple flamethrower in my bag. Im thinking of leaving the current area in-search of a museum or somewhere else for some better gear *hopefully a set of O-gori (samurai armor) and maybe some better melee weapons. Probably would be a good idea to find a shotgun or some kind of other ranged weapon but im not sure if i need something like that right now. The area im in is the initial place i found the evidence to the vault, in the semi-center is a very strange formation of motels which i have never seen before, in total they make a sorta elongated Z shape with a road going through it. All road entrances near the motels are a couple of pump stations and recreational buildings, around the motels are there a ton of parking lots. Right now the motel is my current suspicion of there being a hidden entrance into the place, this area seems to be the most concentrated area with irradiated wanderers. Right now i think im going to leave the area in lucks of finding some new gear, until later, the vault location is still unkown.


*also when i figure out how this image thing works ill post some, can someone explain where exactly these images go to in imgur, i dont want a account but i cant keep images posted if i delete them in imgur

Oh Dparra, forgot to tell you that you can’t get into the vault, because I don’t think Acida finished that part :slight_smile:

Just a suggestion dparra but that triffid grove is actually a good place for if you pull just a few triffids and vinebeasts it is a pretty good source of veggi foods. fluid sacs also drop from them and they don’t expire.

also triffids are pretty tanky but are not that threatening and they can’t infect you… so you can easly just train on them

Dammit Ninja now you tell me XD, oh well i’ll continue to find it anyways to see if it is finished or not, who knows?

Entry two:

Instead of going for some more gear i actually found a manhole cover in the middle of the motel parking lot. Kept that noted and cleared the surrounding areas of enemies and butchered them. Managed to make a gas station with a attached garage into a safehouse for now. Surprisingly there are tons of cars in the area that need no fixing what so ever, and are already fueled, looked around and managed to find a semi that only has a missing door and part of a frame, no wheels are missing either :D. After reinforcing the place for a bit, i settled in for the night. The next day did i explore some of the sewers. Did not get very far as there a a bit too many wanderers for me to handle at the moment. Unfortunately when i retreated out of there, they followed, and managed to kill my NPC friend. He did have a ton of makeshift explosives on him which is a plus. For now i wait, im badly injured and need some more supplies, until then i will have to bypass that sewer area until i heal. *Side note: my character is now level 3 almost 4 in melee, level 3 in bashing weapons, and level 1 in dodging.

Also can someone explain how imgur works? I dont have an account but i upload these photos, where do these pics go if i dont have an account for imgur?

Imgur pictures get automatically deleted after a while if they weren’t uploaded by an account. There’s no point in not having an Imgur account really, it lets you see what you’ve uploaded and allows you to edit it and shit at will.

IIRC it’s based on how often they end up getting viewed (linked pictures included). Pictures that haven’t been viewed in quite a while are the only ones at risk of being deleted, but even then it can be a long time before they end up disappearing.

Meh, it got too hard trying to look for the entrance, and if ninja was right, they’re not finished anyways so i think im done.