[Possible Spoilers] What is underneath Crater Land

So I come up to new small town with 2 craters decimating it. My goal, checking out the bank. Unfortunately the bank itself was only a non-vault spawn varriant. So I proceeded to clear out the town which was riddled with Irradiated wanderers.
Then I noticed a few things.
Every time I moved the game lagged with, “You hear a thump to the NW! x 900”
Trying to use my Chain Lightning CBM to clear waves out resulted into “you hit the irradiated wandered x 50” and electrocuting myself.
Getting mad and having 100+ pain ruin my day, I decided I had to “clear the sewers”.
Then I stumbled across an odd room, depicted with the map tile called “Sewer?”. There was a flight of stairs down so curiously I stepped downwards.

Yes, I did have a clairvoyance artifact. I wasn’t in the mood just to stumble blindly through the sewers, I was on a mission.
Checking the debug log said that there was 700+ mobs active.

So… what was this new land? Is there anything of value, to justify me trying to kill my way through 700 irradited wanderers?

Congradulatons you found your local Vault, an Old Guard quest will have you coming here later on. But other then that there’s a library, medbay, engineering storage room, vehicle garage with a couple humvees, and (I think?) armoury that can be looted if you want to deal with clearing it out. The only saving grace from tendium is that wanderers disolve instead of leaving corpses that can reanimate.

I’ve never tried to clear one before I got started on that quest… does the team of guys you’re supposed to meet spawn when the quest starts? If so, then you could clear the town FIRST and actually have a chance to save them… but, since there’s no official quest for it (just a “hey, go find it” kind of thing), I suspect the team spawns with the town, and thus, if essentially impossible to save.

Kind of annoying, really.

I’m pretty sure the team only spawns when the Old Guard representative tells you about it, so yes you can clear it out beforehand to ensure their survival.

In my experience the vault is a special kind of !!FUN!!. Expect very limited food supplies (pack a lunch or ten), thousands of zeds, and a hell of a slog. On the plus side 9mm JHP is a common drop so if you have weapons that fire that you might want to bring them along. There’s a complete guide to it somewhere on the forums, you might want to check that out before attempting to tackle it.

diamond boardsword with fencing style is realy good for this place, stopthrusting will kill every irradiated wanderer what try to attack you just bring food and water, you will need it

Very important to find bottlenecks to fight them in too. If your stamina drops out, you’re pretty much dead. If only one or two of them can swing at a time it’ll give you a chance to get your breath back. And yes, this will happen. And yes, there are enough of them to go through metal doors and reinforced glass.

Vaults are real special. Bring your guns and bring your booms.

Ive found that c4hacks and matchbombs work best. Fire works, but its liable to kill you.

guns? bad idea, unless dealing explosive damage or leaving pools of acid, my laser rifle with ups cbm managed to dry my fully charged batteries and they can run cloak cbm for days while laser rifle barely managed to clear small section of hallway

but diamond broad sword with fencing? i was slow, in pain and i just been stunlocked because they gathere around me but they just died because i was stop thrusting them i did nothing just looking at the screen as my character kills everything when i was sure he will die

You can come out of Craterland with thousands of rounds for 9mm.

Just bring several 9mm guns and/or mags. You can easily kill 1 IR for every round.