Farming and Beekeeping Galore!

I want beekeeping, not for huge bees but the regular sized ones. I want to build an apiary and net to collect wild swarms and put them in my apiary. Then harvest honey from the box every month.

Also maybe have rare mutated queens in labs for putting in the apiary for special bees, like ones that produce gasoline instead of honey!

Also farming, I’m more meh in this. I just want beekeeping for now.

Support. Frankly, I haven’t encountered a queen giant bee and suspect such a creature would make for a decent melee challenge. Harvesting a shot or two of Honey, presumably less the Wax afterward, every so often* would be interesting.

(Idea: a PC with INSECT mutation-tendencies who eats a lot of royal jelly might become a queen? IIRC that’s what the stuff was evolved to achieve IRL: upgrading workers to queens.)

*Only survived one season-change–Spring was 14-16 days or so.

Yeah, and get mutated queen bees in labs to put in your apiary. Get something awesome like gasoline instead of honey. Or something useless like bleach. It would be cool.

This would be easier to implement then farming, supplementing characters with a set base with food and wax for candles. That or some kind of liquid to drink, from mutated bees.