Solved issue, Thanks stopsignal

I believe the title summarizes my emotions well as I was about to conjure up some drug changes for the suggestions or mod making when I went to check the effects of drugs I found that the wiki had moved to Irak,changed its name to Muhammad,joined isis,mutilated its own genitals then began cutting the head’s off of sodomite atheists like me

What the hell man calm down holy fuck.
There you have. Next time write like an actual normal human being.

Omg sorry about this I just genuinely couldn’t find it feel free to delete admins and yup I need to work on being a human…among other things thanks man did I mention it was 3 am when I made this at GMT

Obviously, the logical assumption would be that the wiki became a terrorist if you can’t find it.

Sorry. But I lul’d a little.

Sorry, overstepped with my words there. I’m kinda grumpy lately. Glad you could have the wiki again though, i know there should be a notice somewhere about the new wiki’s home.