Solid Frozen Rivers and ponds feature

So after the new freezing have been implanted, i was wonder if there is any planes to make frozen rivers and ponds, actually frozen? Making them able to cross, with the danger of falling thought, having their own texture and would require tools to break thought the ice, to get waters, Also rivers being frozen is kinda broken? As far as i know Rivers don’t freeze unless 48 degrees under zero. Which it shouldn’t get that cold in CDDA.

Also would be nice with a heated water tanks, if that isn’t already in the game :stuck_out_tongue:

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I would love to have this feature in game, but active terrain swapping is not that easy to implement. It would have to be gradual, so if the frost is not severe only shallow water would freeze.

UnReal World has this. It is fun. But it was a pain in the ardvark for the coding something awful.

It has to be timed. It has to work with what gets wet. It has to work with reality bubble. It has to work with items and tools for defrosting into water and pouring and freezing. It has to work with breaking and tools that can do that job. It has to work with fire and heat sources on/near.

Cool idea…hate to watch it die =(


Don’t put a lid on the coffin yet. Just don’t expect it to come soon.

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