Water drawn from ponds may be frozen in summer

Quite often when I draw water from ponds or other static water sources, it arrives in the container instantly frozen, even though external temperatures have been far above 0C for a very long time.

(build 0.D stable)

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Well that’s a new one. Liquids have been a huge mess though. Apparently cold water can’t be poured out of bottles. Don’t know what they did with liquids but man are they bugged.

They do still have a few issues. :smiley:

On the plus side, they now mostly/kinda work as opposed to when object temperatures first showed up and it was virtually unplayable.

Wait, so water is still bugged in 0.D stable ?

Yeah. Not dramatically, but it still has some issues that need working out.

I should add the caveat that I DID edit the season length after starting the game - insofar as all weather and calendar behavior has gone, that does not seem to have introduced any problems. All seasonal behavior such as growing seasons, day/night temperatures and so on have all been behaving quite well.

But yeah, drawing frozen water from ponds when it is nearly 20C out is kinda funny.

That fix isn’t related to this (unless OP said wront version). 0.D stable uses the old temperature system. That fix is for the new temperature system that is in the 0.D experimentals.

At once, I understood and couldn’t comprehend that head line. I think you’re halfway to a HowToBasic video. lol
Will more than likely be fixed soon but a none-the-less amusing glitch