Additional weather-specific terrain effects

Good day to everyone.

Maybe someone would consider adding some additional weather -related terrain effects such as wet dirt, frozen ground, ice etc.

For example, after hours of rain dirt terrain tiles turns into wet dirt / bog / deep bog which would cause light to heavy movement penalty, adds some to tiredness/weariness rate with additional chance to fall on slippery terrain. This would surely add some thrill to running away (and slipping) from Z’s after heavy rain. Another thing is driving - I think that bog drowned wheels would bring off road driving car to stop and would add some additional planning for long term travel.

Wet dirt and bog could not be only changes - deep puddles of water which add some % to wet status, or additional noise when walking, or frozen ground with big chances to slip and fall without good footwear - I think there are plenty of possibilities to improve gaming/survival experience.

Of course weather affected tiles would reverse after some time if weather changes to normal.

Thanks for reading and sorry for possible mistakes.

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I can already see the random zombie corpses laying around the street becease they slipped one to many times.

Freezing water to ice in rivers, ponds and water pumps would be cool. But maybe make it easier to keep water in your RV liquid first. :stuck_out_tongue:

Provided icing over of water sources also comes with means to penetrate the ice to get to the water beneath getting water would be harder, but not impossibly hard (means to keep RV water liquid ought to be implemented regardless).
Water shouldn’t freeze in wells as the water is drawn from a frost free depth, and the water isn’t kept in the pipes, but falls back into the well when you stop pumping.

I’ve found that three lit braziers adjacent to the tile on the vehicle where the tank is is just about enough to keep it liquid. My plank stockpile is plummeting, but I don’t have enough winter clothing to chop tree trunks into logs yet. Currently on day 9 of winter.