Solid bridges and diving weirdness

There seems to be a problem with boats and bridges in that you can’t go under a bridge with a boat. I don’t really know wether this is a bug or just something that was overlooks but you should really be able to go under bridges with your boat.

the second is that diving is kind op wierd since when you dive you still regain stamina but you shouldn’t be gaining stamina on account of holding breath and al that. it also seems wierd to me that the amount of time you can spent underwater seems to be a timer of about 30-40 seconds instead of being based on how much stamina you have left since both your stamina and wether you are drowning or not should be based on the amount of oxygen present in your system (with maybe a little bit extra oxygen added for drowning since you still have your lungs full of air).

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bridges are on the same level as the boat right now because cars can’t go up/down z-levels yet. so no, you can’t take a boat under a bridge, because there is no ‘under’ to the bridge

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I think the main problem is that there isnt any kind of “below something” in any kind of terrain (unless they are buildings), unless you can go down a z level then cross the bridge then go up a z level on the other side.

that’s pretty much what i’m saying. until vehicles can go up/down z-levels, we can’t have bridges be over water.

the game Z level are not the best this not dwarf fortress z level so yea and even with experimental Z level on in mega city game can really slow down a lot if your reading and crafting like 5 minute in game taking 2-5 sec and so thing take more then 7 hours to craft yea game slow down to a crawl

and make sense seeing the monster from other faction fight(robotcop zombie fungal etc) and zombie go for sound not are not going to put …so yea make sense game slow down

I’d say they are on the same level mostly because nobody had time to fix this problem with boats after they were added. Anyway, the quickest way I see to fix this is moving bodies of water to -1 level until underwater features are implemented.

“for each problem, there’s a solution which is obvious, easy to implement, and absolutely wrong”
How would you land boats in such system, for example? Or take off? Should shallow water be at -1 or at 0? Do you have to fall from the shore/shallows to start swimming? What about getting back to dry land? And that’s just what I though about in, like, half a minute while I was writing this.

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absolutely wrong

I didn’t claim it has no downsides but I absolutely dislike this arrogant and unproven assumption. But at the same time I appreciate feedback.

It wasn’t obvious but I meant having a slope not directly adjacent to water, having some dry riverbank on -1 level along with shallow and deep water. For a slope example that’s already in the game try LMOE shelters, I’ve seen one with slopes. That will deal with landing boats. It’s more realistic as natural bodies of water much more often than not are lower than surrounding land level. Of course, until moving vehicles between levels is implemented it will make amphibious vehicles impossible but I’d sacrifice them in favor of having ability to use boats to move by rivers. Moving vehicles between level will have to be implemented anyway if game is not abandoned and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be any time soon. Does jumping into water from z-level above deal any damage currently? It should be fixed anyway too.

Blame Mencken/Twain for it then :stuck_out_tongue:

You used the quote in an unjustified manner, not the original author :stuck_out_tongue:
Do you have anything to say that’s on-topic?

I don’t see how it was unjustified when you didn’t write anything more elaborate than “let’s drop water 1 level down”. I read it just as it was laid out and criticized possible weak points.

Let’s just wait for actual bridges which will go up a level instead of implementing half of a solution.