Solar tubes to provide natural light indoors without opening curtains

As stated in title, solar tubes can be installed in a roof to provide natural light to interior rooms of a house. I feel that the same thing should be available as a construction option to allow natural light into your fortress.

Alternately, you could build a skylight…

I think we’d want to limit it to a skylight for the time being, IRL light pipes are used to route light to lower levels through walls and such, but the code to do that would be a PITA in the game.

I’ll just leave it here.

[quote=“Aquilo, post:3, topic:13363”]I’ll just leave it here.

I love this so much, that I think I’ll be doing it to my own future tiny home

How hard would it be to craft an indoor light source that emits daylight while indoors? For balance it could be limited to Z levels on the surface and above only.

At the very least I want to craft “opaque” windows that let light but not vision to pass through.

Not hard at all, just a few tweaks to the light code.

In 3D mode, it would be possible to check if the tile above has sunlight. In 2D mode it’s all hacks, though.