(non-static) NPCs don't seem to spawn

For quite a while now my world settings have have Random NPCs set to true and NPC spawn rate to be all the way to 1.00, whereas the default is just 0.10.
Static NPCs spawn just fine, but I’ve only ever encountered a single wandering NPC and it’s been at least 5 in-game days since then.
I’ve checked the overmap several times to look for the indicator but there’s been no sign of them. I really want a travel buddy but the Hub 01 static NPCs won’t join and no randos will spawn.
I could spawn an NPC with debug, but that’s just not the same as encountering one randomly out and about. I’m not really sure how that function will work anyway.

I believe random NPCs now tend to make their way toward the safety of shelter instead of just wandering around out in the open. Try to explore in structures you find and chances are you’ll eventually find someone holed up inside one of the buildings.

Okay, that kinda makes sense, although the places that they might ‘hole up in’ are currently either empty or infested with zombies from the seems of it.
I’ll keep this in mind and keep looking, probably mostly around the nearby town that’s ever so slowly being cleaned out.

I’ve been looking out for them for a while now and still nobody has spawned.

iirc, they tend to spawn and then move forward to buildings marked as safe on the code, i believe they are things like farms, evac shelters, and like 2 or 3 others

Okay, I’ll try to look in places like that in particular.
Unfortunately, the two evac shelters I found had nobody in them, which was disappointing. I know of where a couple of farms are that I could check out, and I now know of the location of the Refugee Center, which isn’t actually too bad of a distance. Although for some reason, the location that the quest marker shows up on is labelled as simply being a road, which is a tad suspicious.