So, what's going on with the Mycus?

This was a pretty interesting thing going on that had this huge update like half a year ago, but that was just the framework for becoming a local guide, and not much of anything sinse then. When are we going to see some delicious new content in what is probably one of the more interesting things unique to this game? If things aren’t going to happen for a while, it would be nice to know what is planned to be available for local guides to do and enjoy in the name of making the world a fungal wonderland. (Personally, I’m still hoping for some aesthetic modifications relevant to the mycus for local guides since all that grey makes everything look rather samey, which makes sense for regular humans, but when your purpose is spreading joy to everyone having your primary objective stand out is logical and makes for nicer visuals, though the grey does give a good unnatural otherworldly tinge to things.)

They’re waiting for someone to pick them up and go places. KA101 was our last big contributor to them, but hasn’t had as much time to develop things due to being our amazing main merger (round of applause). Before that I was the previous big mycus guy, and before that they didn’t exist as much more than just fungaloids and spores. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s pretty much just waiting for someone to come up with a good extension or implementation of the existing lore, to PR it, and to go from there. There’s some littler things that could be done (like maybe an aesthetic change) and bigger ones (allow for the game to update the map post world-gem, and then have spreading mycus start to bring in larger, more dangerous mycus creatures), but there are plenty of options even just looking at the current lore in place.

Yeah, that’s part of what had me so hyped for things when they were going on, there’s a lot of places things can go and they’re one of the biggest excuses for fun terraforming exercises you don’t usually get in roguelikes, plus I happen to enjoy weird fungal stuff, so that doesn’t hurt either. All I really know right now is that it’s rather odd that the fungal zombies still go after mycus identified local guides, but faction stuff is still pretty screwy, I imagine. Right now it’s just a little underwhelming that right now the extent of what you can do is have fungal stuff places and also get fungaloids everywhere which mostly just make stuff chug. Hopefully whatever happens doesn’t diminish what made the mycus, and by extension, marloss content lose what made it so unique in the first place, since there was some interesting stuff going on that even set it apart from the usual fungal hivemind deal. I thought the parts where it actually communicated was pretty nice.

That being said, I really liked where KA101 was going with the stuff, I remember when the changes were happening around November and I was pretty much checking their progress every couple hours, I miss being excited about stuff like that in this game. I suppose some of the threshold paths are pretty thematically interesting too, but not to the extent of an entire factional alignment.

Would that you’d made that known months ago, Zaylin.

Well, hindsight is 20/20, I suppose. Did no one else show any sort of glee at the mycus stuff you did after you finished with what you were doing? That’s pretty sad, I’m sorry you didn’t get your deserved props.

No, they did. I’ve since seriously misallocated my priorities.

With any luck, I won’t make that mistake again.

I suppose it’s hard to get the time to do your own stuff with all the time spent getting everything everyone else does working nicely together, which is a wonderful service to the game as well. I do hope you find the time, mood, and inspiration to get back in the creative saddle, since you’ve been responsible for most of the stuff I like most about the game. (The mycus, obviously, plus the more thematically vibrant parts of the game’s mutation stuff, the medical category is particularly evocative.)

The more work is put in a faction like the mycus the more fun it is fighting the same. I never found the path itself apealing but it can become a fine enemy to survivors. I hope for evil mushroomy things in the future. Especialy spread out of reality bubble and interaction with other factions in the world /dreams.

So I feel pretty stupid, but I have absolutely no idea what you guys are talking about. Anything spore related is always met with lots of fire and my leaving the area immediately.

There’s a way to join the spores and loose your self-identity and become part of a spore hivemind, now. I have not had a chance to play with it since its still new, and joining the mycus seems…uh, no thank you, but its there. I won’t spoil how to do it, thats what the wiki is for.

Things’ll seem more appealing once the stuff is expanded on more! Right now all it really is a unique threshold you can only cross in a very special way that’s mutually exclusive with other methods of mutating! Eventually it’ll likely be more appealing than the other ways you’re able to lose your humanity, after all, then you’ll never be alone in the dark scary future. Also the wiki isn’t very detailed on the subject, which is to be expected since the feature is still rather in-progress, though with one of the most recent things I saw KA101 do on github is remove their name from the list of active people on the team… it’s looking kind of grim, though I may have misinterpreted the purpose of that list.

Developers are all listed on an internal, private duplicate of that list, so if they decide to take a break then there is no loss of privileges if/when they decide to come back. (I should know, I’ve certainly taken breaks from C:DDA before :P).

What KA101 does at this point is up to him, and while we will definitely be sad to see him go if that is what he decides to do, part of the neatness of C:DDA is that being open source means that the project is greater than any one of us, and we’re able to see new content in any given area regardless of who leaves or stays (though it might take a while longer to go in than it would with their help and input :P).

I suppose my real worry in that regard then is I’m not sure if someone who isn’t KA101 would be able to capture the sheer joy of what the mycus stuff that he’s already presented has demonstrated, since he took what was basically just some random mushroom stuff that was associated with the triffids and turn it into its own, vibrant faction of sorts with its own focus on uniting the world into a fungal paradise of sorts.

I too really hope mycus gets dug up and worked on again. I don’t really eat the berries or use the mutations, but it’s always nice to have such awesome ideas implemented into this game :slight_smile:

I’ve got a new type of fungaloid monster that popped into my head that would be neat and in-lore, that I’m in the planning phases of working on. Not really a combat type but more along the lines of the mycus’s ability to transform the environment… Something so useful that the player would want to use it but… has its dangers if not contained properly.

Well, given the fact that it seems like KA101’s hanging up his proverbial codin’ boots, it seems a bit unlikely that we’ll know exactly what he was gonna do with them had he still had the steam left in him, but I’m still a bit saddened to see that whatever path it takes may or may not be a huge diversion. Man, I feel kinda down about all this, which makes me feel kind of selfish because it barely affects me at all from a relative standpoint.