So, sulphur. Where is it?

I’ve been trying to track down some sulphur to turn some fungicide into sprayable form but haven’t had any luck. There is a sulphurous anthill on the map - would it have any?


  • Shane

I’ve found it near lava and in caves iirc.

Edit: and labs

But only in small amounts

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Thanks. I’ve actually got a rift right through a cemetery, but no sulphur. Doh.

  • Shane

Ah, yes. Sulfur. My favourite rare thing. It was so hard to get it, even using the Thermal Dissipation CBM and Internal Climate Control CBM.

By the way, what does that ‘dot shane’ thing mean in your posts?

Its signing the post. Don’t see that much these days, considering every single message has yer name up in the top left (hint, hint)

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I know it’s signing. I’m asking if it is just the (nick)name or something more? And would do people sing the posts?

Yep, I’m just signing my post. Acolyte is my handle way back from the BBS days and signing was just something I’ve done since whenever - it’s just a habit now. I don’t see any need to change it as I am old school in many ways. ; )

The dot is an oddity. I actually use a dash but it seems the forum auto-formats it into a bullet point.

Silly forum.

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isn’t it in pretty much every rock wall, at least in mines which are fairly common?

Maybe if you have the mining mod enabled, but I don’t think I’ve ever gotten sulfur from mining rock.

Also BBS handles, represent!

I’ve only ever found sulfur near lava rifts, then your only option is basically to strip down and sprint for it while you try not to blister yourself to death.

Just dig some rocks. You can find rock sulphur by luck, a lot of.

i usually found sulphur near lava rift, some sort of treatment building, abandoned mines and once in a shipwreck full of crab mutant.