What is to be found mining?

I just used one of my good ropes (EXPENSIVE) on stairs near my base and I’m wondering whats the point?

Currently I’ve found lots of limestone, salt and coal but what else is there to find?
If there is no point in mining ill just use it as a gun basement but it would be cool to find other stuff too.

Well, nothing really. Like, I think that’s all the stuff you can find when digging through rock.

That said, I remember a fairly successful run where I had my survivor just tunnel through a city. I’d find a house with a basement, then I’ll dig through the map where houses are and see if there are more basements to be found. Found a lot of gun basements that way without the hassle of going through zombie infested streets.

However, I did that on the old item spawn rate, plus jackhammering now takes a little more time plus you can get hit multiple times by a zombie when you dig through a basement wall.

think the ore mod adds more, like you could find some metal down there too. this is mostly for in the woods players s they can get stuff without needing to raid.

Mining isnt really a thing. Underground bases are a little OP though, no horde will ever break through a mile of solid stone.

I found mostly just things like rock, rock salt, saltpeter, coal, etc etc. when I was mining through rocks in a lab.

Of course, this was a year or so ago.